I haven't had the need to use any 10GE, 40g, and 100g equipment in the past couple of years.  I've been able to get away with using more commodity equipment, using NIC bonding, or finding other ways around the need to upgrade all of the existing equipment up to a 10/40/100GE infrastucture. However, I'm interested in knowing more about the 10/40/100GE players, what their products offer, and who might I choose if I had to make such a large and drastric purchase. I may actually be making such an upgrade, so I thought I had better do some research sooner than later.

ITIL Process Chart


The process chart/outline is the key to learning ITIL and passing the exam.   The process chart is a circular chart - meaning you will repeat these processes over and over in complete life cycle.

The flow is Service Strategy -> Service Design -> Service Transistion -> Service Operation -> Continual Service Improvement (start over again at Service Strategy).